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Speedcoaching is meant as a teaser for you to get the feeling of the deep value of coaching.
If you want to continue exploring the values of coaching you have several options to choose between. 

Coach session 30 min

We start working immediately and of course you are covered by the usual ethics and confidentiality. It may be a continuation from the speedcoaching you had or you choose a new and another topic.

You pay per session $216  $108

Get to know (each other) meeting

Schedule a meeting for us to familiarize ourselves with each other. We will have a dialougue and feel our compatibility, which is crucial for effective collaboration. Explore the existing needs and preferences, and determine the feasibility of addressing them. Please be aware that this is not a coaching session.

30 min with no charge

Refer a friend

Think of a friend you care about who would be happy to get a free SPEEDCOACHING.

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I'll give you a free speedcoaching worth $108!

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Professional coaching for professionals. 

Leadership coaching


Coaching for athletes

Fokus on positive mindset, mental training, learning from within the individual – no matter if it is one or many.

Workshops, Lectures and Online Events.

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