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I was just about to start typing in English here… Good Morning! There will be a sweet mix of Swedish and English – Please, join me!

Här sitter jag på 23 våningen och ser solen stiga över Prags runda kullar. Det är söndag och vi har vridit tillbaka klockan 1 timma. Jag har skruvat den till våren 1968, när min mor köpte det gnistrande smycke som jag burit dessa dagar på #icfconverge.
ICF = International Coach Federation.

Mängder av minnen smälter samman och öppnar sig framåt! På Power Point -bilden ser du Johanna och jag för ett halvår sedan, på en ICF medlemsdag. Samarbete är A & O! #icfcoachpodden #icfsweden #icfconverge #prague #2019

I fredags kvällning stod jag på världsscenen och hade förmånen att berätta: “On behalf of ICF Sweden and my dear colleague Johanna Nilsson – tell the world, “The Inspiring Story of the ICF Coachpodden Podcast”

Maybe our vision will take place!? Podcasting will let the voice of  ICF Professional Coaching help clients and coaches get in contact – and we need the know how of Social Media.

We hope other countries, and the ICF chapters got inspired to start podcasts and keep develop the collaboration parts, how to share, help and grow together. 

We can, for example, invite each other in our episodes (Podcast Sweden, Podcast XX), start sharing learning and keep on give inspiration and increase our learning about what professional coaching and ICF Global brings to the table. We (in our podcast been running one year now) we highlight, for example, the core competences and the Ethic standards for the ICF. 

Before I start my journey back home. Please save this information:

  1. If You are in Sweden 11/11-19 – Welcome! Check out 
  2. Episode nr 12 Our guest: Chairman of The ICF Global, Jean Francois Cousin. You will find the episode here: 
  3. Bring the best to Your moments of this beautiful Day!

/Carin Coach

#icfconverge #storacoachdagen #callcarincoach #coaching

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